Chlamydia In Men Genital STD

Chlamydia In MenChlamydia in men genitals is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease that affects the male population. Chlamydia is by far one of the leading sexually transmitted infections in both men and women and although left untreated may lead to complications, men are less prone to get complications. This type of infection is caused by bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis does not however affect only the urinary tract and genital are but also the eyes. A certain type of conjunctivitis, called Chlamydial conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria.

Chlamydia is sometimes referred to as the “silent infection” because it rarely causes symptoms and when it becomes symptomatic t is because it caused complications. Chlamydia in men does not seem to be as dangerous as in women, at least at a first glance. Yet, the bacterium Chlamydia in men usually caused a white and cloudy discharge from the penis along with pain or burning while urinating. Some men experienced an increase in the frequency of urination as well as burning and itching around the opening of the urethra. Women on the other hand might experience pain in the lower abdomen, irregular bleeding as well as an increase in the vaginal discharge and pain during urination.

The only way to get Chlamydia is by unprotected sex. Any type of sexual engagement with an infected person can cause the transmission of the bacteria. Vaginal, anal and oral sex all might lead to the transmission of the infection. Yet, it is not clear if the disease can be transferred from an infected person to a healthy one through other objects such as fingers. Sex toys that are used by an infected person and which are not properly cleaned or used without a condom by another one are also considered potential factors of risk. In the end, if there is contact with infected semen or vaginal discharge one is very likely to have contracted the illness. Perinatal transmission is possible as well, as the infection can pass from the infected mother to her baby during childbirth.

In 2005 over 2% of the American sexually active population was infected with these bacteria. Also, nearly 3 million of new cases appear every year in the United States. It is however difficult to establish an accurate statistics due to the fact that because of its lack of symptoms many people who are infected are not aware of it. Moreover, it is estimated that nearly 70% women and 50% men who are infected with Chlamydia do not have symptoms.

The only way to detect Chlamydial infections is by requesting a particular type of test. Any regular tests are not able to detect this type of bacteria. However, the test is quite simple and it might be taken in the form of a urine sample or a swab from the cervix (in women) and urethra (in men). Once detected, the infection is very easy to cure with antibiotics.

Untreated Chlamydia in men genitals can cause painful inflammation of the testicles and lead to infertility.

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